5 Downtown eateries that foodies absolutely love on social media

Popular Downtown EateriesWoodbridge is on the crossroads of New Jersey. And the Downtown is where these roads metaphorically intersect. At least that is how it seems to the foodie. From the Jersey Diner to the local Fast Food, from the Italian fine dining to the best bagel in the region, the Downtown has it all.

Today we talk about the five food destinations that everyone seems to have heard about. If you have not, then it is time to try them out. Plenty of people have gone there, so you can safely order by following the reviews.

The Downtown Diner

What is a New Jersey town without a Diner? Under the renovated exterior The Reo Diner retains the spirit of the 1935 “Dinah.” The menu has retained its variety and the staff the friendliness. It is always busy. Busy if you want to start the day there with a breakfast, have a lazy lunch or a friendly dinner after a tough day. The portions are good sized portions and the service is great.

When you are in a diner you do not have the expectations of fine dining. You go there for the honest burgers, soups, cole slaw, pasta, or a salad then you found it. The Reo is there for you 24×7 on all the days of the year.

Fine Dining on Main Street

For fine Italian dining, you have a choice between the Ristorante Venezia and Il Castello’s. One is at the edge of the Downtown while the other is in the middle. Most Woodbridge restaurants are quite casual. Il Castello’s is more upscale with a great atmosphere with an elegant interior.

It has stone floors, wide tables and fine woodwork. Perfect lighting and soft music complement the chandeliers and the paintings. The service is attentive, quick and friendly. The staff are professional and well groomed. They may impress you with how many customers they know by name. Il Castello serves traditional Italian dishes from a menu with a wide selection.

The Ristorante Venezia may be less imposing from the outside. Once inside, you feel the warmth and attentiveness of the knowledgeable wait staff. There is always someone at hand to make sure there is water in your glass. People find the restaurant adorable. They appreciate that the staff gets to know you by name and that you never feel rushed.

Reviews of this place talk about the great food and wine selection at great prices. The restaurant handles large crowds with ease while making small groups comfortable too. Parking is convenient with spots reserved for the customers of Ristorante Venezia.

Fast Food: Chicken to Go

But you may be in a mood for neither the diner nor the fine dining experience. If it is fast food that you crave then then Chicken Galore is the place for you. The store is easy to get to as it is right on Amboy Avenue. The street is a bit busy so it might be best to find parking behind it off New Street. You will make up the time with the fast delivery from the great choices on the menu.

Reviewers keep talking of the chicken wings. They also say that the owner follows up if something went wrong and was not taken care of while you were in the store. Add the coupons that are always available in the mail or on their website and you have a winner! If the weather is right try the outdoor seating.

Let’s Talk Breakfast

Let’s end the list with something we could have started with. Let’s talk breakfast. Though listed on Yelp as a Deli, people love Knot Just Bagels for its breakfast sandwiches. But the item that wins hands down are, you guessed, the bagels. The reviews say that this is the go-to bagel place in or nearby towns. Do be advised though that this also brings in traffic that can slow things down a bit. But would you not rather have something that both a toddler and its grandparent would enjoy? Did I say that the Taylor ham egg and cheese on a roll- always hits the spot!

So there you have the list and our take about the upsides of the places. Follow the links below to check them out one by one. The links lead to pages with social media links that we could find on each of the destinations: Ristorante Venezia, Il Castello’s, The Reo Diner, Chicken Galore, Knot Just Bagels

Bon Appétit!