Downtown History

Did You Know?

Woodbridge Main Street was once home to three booming Movie theatres.

#1: The Monument Theatre

The Monument opened in 1916 and was located on the corner of Rahway Avenue & Main Street, at 6 Main St. Woodbridge, NJ. The theatre had one screen and seated one hundred people with chairs that folded for easy cleaning and parties. The theatre usually played Silent Films along with a pianist or an occasional Vaudeville Show. The Monument Theatre closed its doors in 1921.  It is now the home of the mini strip mall across from Town Hall.

#2: The Woodbridge Theatre

The Woodbridge theatre opened its doors in 1921 and was located at 108 Main Street. It was said to have been owned by Stanley MacIntosh who formerly performed in vaudeville and dramatic presentations. The theatre opened with one screen and three hundred seats. The theatre was very short lived and closed its doors in July of 1927 shortly after the State theatre was opened. The theatre still stands and now house a few local businesses on Main St.

#3: State Theatre

The state theatre was opened in September 1927 with one screen and one thousand seats. During opening night “Alias The Deacon” was playing along with two other films. Many Woodbridge residents and residents from neighboring towns enjoyed the many years this theatre remained opened. The State Theatre was home to 23 Main Street for over forty years and closed its doors in 1969 with “Doctor Dolittle” being the last movie to be played. The State Theatre has been demolished and its location is now the home of Quick Check.