Shop Small, Buy Local, Shop Downtown

Did you know that every $100 you spend at a local Downtown store generates $68 in local economic activity? Some of that means local jobs, local roads and local transport. A lot of the local businesses owners live here in the Township. Their stores show that they have a stake in our Township’s future. So when you buy local you are supporting the local economy and local entrepreneurs.

When local businesses prosper they can experiment with the products they stock. That means they can take the risk of offering a range of products that you would want as a choice. They may also try out products that they think you need.

That is how by buying local you are supporting innovation and creativity. You are also empowering them to compete with the big box stores. Their corporate competition have a lot of resources. Your friendly neighborhood business owner has YOU.

When you walk into a store it is likely you would be speaking with another Woodbridge resident. As a result you are also likely to get a better service. And together you build a stronger local community.

The contribution your local buying makes a to the national economy is much more than you realize. A 2013 report shows that local businesses depend lesser on taxpayer money. Employees of Target and Walmart rely more on government subsidized health insurance programs. Downtown businesses need lesser infrastructure investment. They make better use of public services than national stores entering the community.

What would happen if each US family spent an extra $10 a month at a local business instead of a national chain? Over $9.3 billion would be directly returned to our economy.

So you see, the benefits of buying local are huge. To help you buy local the Woodbridge Township has introduced “Buy Local” program. It is central to Township’s financial well being. One of the tools of that the program has introduces is the free Woodbridge Now App. Some of the features of the app are:
Directory – Look up businesses by category.
Events – Keep in touch with what’s going on around town.
News – Latest local news around town.

It’s FREE, so download it now! Find out what Woodbridge has to offer all in one location – on your mobile smartphone – Stay connected!

Encourage your friends and family to download the app too. Go shopping together! Discover deals in the App. Like the Weekend Tailgate special by Knot Just Bagels. Or a free Birthday Diner at JJ Bitting. If you run a business, or know someone who does, take advantage of the Full Day Conference Room deal by the Co-Working Space.