Shops at Downtown Woodbridge, NJ

There are more than twenty categories of businesses in the Downtown Woodbridge area. Yes, is not imposing or sprawling. But whatever it lacks in pomp and grandeur, it makes it up in sprit and variety. The numbers and types of businesses on Main Street from Amboy to Rahway junction is amazing! Do we have your attention? Are you curious? Come over to spend a day checking out the area or on the next shopping spree. You can also consider to set up the H.Q. of your business at Downtown Woodbridge. While you are thinking about it let us give you a brief sampling of what we have.

Let us start with the first item in Maslow’s list: Food. That means Restaurants and Specialty Foods on Downtown. Are you looking for a quick bite? Would you like to try our pizzas? We offer you a choice between San Remo and Pino’s. Or would you like a sandwich? How about Knot Just Bagels or Amici’s. Are you in the mood to try something you don’t find often? Peruvian for instance? Then Wakatay may is the place for you. Or Hungarian? European Deli has been here for decades. Little Europe is the other option their fans will bet on. Then, of course, you Chinese at the unassuming Cheng’s Kitchen. La Bonbonniere Cookie Jar Bakery will tempt you with cakes, pastries and cookies. If you are looking for fine dining and want to book a table for your anniversary? Have you considered Il Castello’s? We hear that their Crab Cake is an absolute prize.

Has this talk about food has raised this urge to lose some weight? Then you are in the just the right place for some Exercise & Dance! We give you Driven Gym, Max Fitness, and Pole to Pole Fitness. Health conscious foodies go to some of the places with a menu that follow the fitness gurus. Yo Delight has milkshakes that Max likes as Knot Just Bagels has a Max friendly breakfast menu.
Isn’t it cool when you see businesses work with and support each other? Do you need to replace your wardrobe after some success at the gyms in town? Clothing & Accessories business, Goddess Boutique, is happy to give you special discounts. Or to the ones who are shopping for jewelry at Neves, one of our Gifts & Novelty Goods stores.

We buy our produce from Main Street Farm and we take our clothes to the Cleaners & Tailors. When we want to buy property we go to our Real Estate businesses. When those homes need maintenance we have the Home Repair businesses to take care of us. If we get sick we get our medication at the Pharmacies. When our loved ones are under the weather we have our excellent Florists in town. Speaking of taking care of the loved ones who are not doing too well, check out the Angelic Care Oncology Spa. They provide wigs and prosthesis for cancer patients.

There are a lot more businesses to talk about. But I guess you know by now we are rich with variety, choice, and opportunity to suit most budgets. Before we sign off on now, I would like to briefly mention the gems hiding in plain sight. They are the professional service providers on Main Street. Among others we have the accountant, the attorney, and the marketing consultants. We also have the bail bond agency to help those who have made mistakes and eager for a second chance. If you want to set up shop here the Downtown Merchants Alliance can help. We will help you find a dedicated facility, an independent office space or, if you like, a (co)Working Space! So no matter what you are looking for we promise not to disappoint.