Public Art projects
“A mural becomes a physical part of the real world. It becomes a landmark; it can even turn around a neighborhood and spark businesses to move to the area. It’s not just a painting on a wall.” That was Franc Palaia in an interview on his murals. This is true […]

Public Art in Downtown Woodbridge

After months of winter cabin fever and a cloudy erratic spring the season seems to be turning into a warm toasty summer. With it comes a season of activities. Many in New Jersey plan to spend most weekends on the road to and back from the Shores. But, there are […]

Refresh your knowledge about the Woodbridge Downtown Cruise

Historic Downtown Woodbridge
Here is a self guided Historic walking tour that will refresh your knowledge and help you stay fit. The Woodbridge Township is the oldest municipality in the State of New Jersey. Most of the early settlers were from Massachusetts. The settlement was, most likely, named after Reverend John Woodbridge from […]

How much do you know about the History of Downtown ...

Woodbridge Downdown Foodie Favorites
In another post we talked of popular haunts for the foodies in Downtown Woodbridge. This time we shine some light on the best kept gastronomic secrets on Main Street, Woodbridge. Some of these are almost invisible. You may not realize that you are starting at a store that sells food […]

5 Downtown best kept secrets that foodies want to keep ...

Woodbridge Downtown Popular Restaurants
Woodbridge is on the crossroads of New Jersey. And the Downtown is where these roads metaphorically intersect. At least that is how it seems to the foodie. From the Jersey Diner to the local Fast Food, from the Italian fine dining to the best bagel in the region, the Downtown […]

5 Downtown eateries that foodies absolutely love on social media

Shops at Downtown Woodbridge, NJ
There are more than twenty categories of businesses in the Downtown Woodbridge area. Yes, is not imposing or sprawling. But whatever it lacks in pomp and grandeur, it makes it up in sprit and variety. The numbers and types of businesses on Main Street from Amboy to Rahway junction is […]

Shops at Downtown Woodbridge, NJ

Buy Local, Shop Downtown, Shop Local
Did you know that every $100 you spend at a local Downtown store generates $68 in local economic activity? Some of that means local jobs, local roads and local transport. A lot of the local businesses owners live here in the Township. Their stores show that they have a stake […]

Shop Small, Buy Local, Shop Downtown

  The Woodbridge Downtown business community is as dedicated to the Art as the rest of the Woodbridge Township. You see this dedication expressed in our support for all the events around Main Street. These range from The Street Fair and Crafts show to the Music on Main. Other communities […]

Music on Main 2016